Borrowing from a Liquidity Pool

This guide will walk you through how to borrow from a liquidity pool.

Navigate to "Borrow" on the left-hand side of the platform.

Next, select the asset that you would like to borrow.

In the order book find the "Type" column and locate the "Liquidity pool" row.

Click the "Borrow" button.

If you do not have assets supplied to a liquidity pool you will see this screen. First, input your desired amount to borrow.

Second, select as "Asset to supply."

Third, adjust the "Collateral ratio" and "Amount to supply" input to your desired amount.

Finally, click "Borrow." Then begin to review and confirm 2 transactions as seen further below.

If you have assets supplied to a liquidity pool you will see this screen showing what you have previously supplied. Proceed to input your desired amount to borrow.

Click "Borrow" to proceed.

If you are using MetaMask a notification window will pop-up. Review the gas fee. (Note: MetaMask periodically updates their wallet. The same user journey will apply, however the screenshots may look different from your wallet). 

If you are using a hardware wallet confirm the transaction(s) on the screen.

Then confirm the transaction like so if using MetaMask.

After the transaction verifies on the blockchain, a message will pop-up letting you know that it was successful. 

Navigate to "My loans" to view details on the asset you have borrowed.

Under "Borrowed assets" you may find your newly borrowed asset after the transaction confirms on the Ethereum blockchain.

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