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Lending to a Liquidity Pool

This guide will walk you through lending to a liquidity pool. 

Navigate to "Lend" on the left-hand side of the platform.


In the centre of the screen, scroll down to the "Lend to liquidity pool" section and locate the asset that you would like to lend. 


Next step is to click the red "Lend" button. 

In the pop-up window, view the details of the loan and enter the amount that you would like to lend as collateral in the "Lend" field.

Next, click the red "Lend" button.

Next, a MetaMask notification window will pop-up. Review the gas fee. (Note: MetaMask periodically updates their wallet. The same user journey will apply, however the screenshots may look different from your wallet).

Next, click the "Submit" button. 

After the transaction confirms on the Ethereum blockchain, a "Transaction successful" message will appear. 

To view the loan, navigate to “My loans” on the left-hand side of the platform. 

Your loan will be visible under “My Liquidity pool loans.” Note: if you’ve previously loaned the same asset to the Compound liquidity pool, then the entire amount loaned will be displayed beside that digital asset, rather than displaying as separate loans. 

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