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What is Bloqboard?

Bloqboard is a non-custodial digital asset lending platform for loans originated and settled on the Ethereum blockchain. Bloqboard provides users access to the global credit liquidity network by hosting an order book for peer-to-peer loans and provides access to the credit liquidity pool. Bloqboard integrates with Dharma and Compound, two of the leading decentralized lending protocols. However, the platform is protocol-agnostic and intends to add further protocols in the future.

Users borrow or lend either peer-to-peer or from a liquidity pool. Peer-to-peer loans allow the user to set the terms of the loan, which are then posted to the listing board for prospective borrowers or lenders respectively to fill. Loans from a liquidity pool allow borrowers and lenders immediate access to a loan with no fixed maturity date and floating interest rates. Both types of loans require borrowers to collateralize with another digital asset. 

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